Monday, August 3, 2015

Traveling is going great. I think it might help me get past this writing congestion, as I have been feeling a few things percolate. That is most certainly a good sign. I need to finish up the edits for Transitioning Home, since it is pretty much ready. A lot of that is cleaning up the prose and adding a few things, partially thanks to my experiences post transition. That should be exciting. After that, I honestly don't know.

Since I am still rather grumpy with my parents I might do more on The Cost of Blasphemy. I am certain it will hurt to write but I also know that it will be a good read and rather powerful. Amulet of Adventure also needs tinkering, especially with the way that things have changed with the story. Regardless, I have a few things I can get to if I can ever get back to them.

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