Saturday, August 15, 2015

The root of woes

I was able to finish up the chapter for Harry Potter and Grief's Wisdom, the fanfic I am writing. It has some good stuff for both plot and character development. That alone has been nice. Granted the final length was only over 2k words, but it is the principal of the matter.

There was a bit of a release of tension as I wrote about Harry's woes, as fiction was moving again. It was nice. I am not trying to push myself too hard as healing is a big part of this process. As my body heals, and my mind reconnects, the focus on the physical world will back off some, allowing me to get back into those different worlds. I miss it.

True, it used to be a way for me to hide, creating stories and scenarios that were far removed from the stuff that was bothering me. I have also used it as inexpensive therapy, having a character go through something plaguing me, letting me work issues out through them. I have also lost myself to the sound and feel of words, creating things that have a good sound but go nowhere. That is the nature of my writing. However, above all that, I love telling stories. Trying to shape and make clear the narratives and characters that present themselves to me is a challenge. Each story, each character I learn more and more about the craft of writing.

This crafting is the development of a sense that tells you what word fits best, what scene goes where, what events the character has to go through in order to become who they are meant to be. I love the craft of writing because I love the magic of storytelling. Just like a painter needs to learn all sorts of techniques in order to paint their best, so does a writer need to learn ways of telling before they can let their best work come forth.

As you can see, I have a real passion for this. That is the biggest reason why I hate not being able to write anything over 4-500 words unless it is non-fiction. But at least I got that working for me.

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