Monday, October 19, 2015

Been busy lately trying to fix Transitioning Home. When I wrote it, I was not aware of how passive the story is. So I need to trim the fat and make things more active. It's a real pain but at least the whole thing will read better at the other end. The odds are that I am going to add a scene or two. Honestly, at the end this will be a different story, with a number of similarities to what was on BCTS.

The same is planned with Splintered Life, though only more extreme. I figure I need another 6+ chapters there to really flesh things out the way I want to. Then it will be ready.

I am also working on Amulet of Adventure, though that is a bit on the back burner with all this other stuff. The changes are good for the story overall but it hurts to cut so many things. But you cut what you must and make the changes that are needed for a stronger story.