Thursday, July 23, 2015

Not a huge fan of all the health issues getting in the way of my writing. Very annoying. Thankfully it only seems to affect my writing ability and not my ability to review. So, with that in mind I am going through Transitioning Home again in order to get it somewhat ready for publication. What I will do from there I don't know but getting it ready to go can't be a bad thing. And a number of rewrites/edits come from the fact that I am a better writer now than when I first worked on the story. I am pleased with the story but I am able to make better emotional connections to things, making the book stronger.

One of the things I have been thinking about is that I am good at writing Trans narratives but is that all I want to do? I have several stories that are non-Trans but are they as strong as the others? I don't want to pigeon hole myself as a Trans writer but it is an area I can speak to. Hell, I am not even sure how to go about finding an agent or publisher if I have that particular leaning in my stories. And my YA series isn't even remotely Trans so I don't know.

Figuring out how to market myself is challenging and not exactly fun. I am doing what I can but it really is annoying. That seems more difficult than anything else, honestly. Am I a writer who is Trans or am I a Trans writer? What do I want to write? How do I want the market to see me? This sort of thing is problematic. I understand that a particular identity can help make marketing easier but that does seem to limit me more than liberate me. I have no clue.

So, anyway, editing and revising are in my future. Yay...

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